Why TDS?

Our mission is to help underprivileged children and youth to build their talents and achieve in national and international level competitions.

This will motivate them to excel in academic and with extra talent they can be students eligible for scholarships.

5 stages – TDS specifically use

Stage 1 – Workshop ( To discover the talent)

Stage 2 – Group them according to their interest and talent

Stage 3 – Guidance on building their talent

Stage 4 – Submitting to multiple competition or entrepreneurship

Stage 5 – Finally becoming a student of scholarship/entrepreneurs

We can all agree that the “youth” will inherit the world that is built today. We will inherit the good and the bad, the lack of opportunities, the debts, the crises, the wars, the band-aid solutions, the missteps, the unreached targets, and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that are not achieved; we will inherit that. With the SDGs, whether immediate effective steps are taken or not, we will inherit the consequences of them as well. In any case, we must absolutely keep in mind that when talking about the SDGs, we are not only talking about human socioeconomic development, but we are also talking about the environment, the very Earth we depend on for our very survival and without which we will be at peril. If this time they are not met, if politics and money take center stage instead of our future, if they are not properly and timely developed, we are not only talking about my generation inheriting a future we did not choose or want, but rather we are talking about the possibility of our generation not even having the opportunity to inherit a future at all. We, at the very least, deserve to be part of the conversation and the decision-making process, to have a fighting chance for our future and that of generations to come, don’t we?

Main Services

Training, Workshop, project development, motivation camp, academic counseling, skills for idea Development.Prototype Development, ICT Skill training, writing guidance, showing opportunities for the suitable talent, target the right group taking part in multiple competitions.

Proposal guidance, judging training, finding scholarship, creating opportunities to become an entrepreneur.

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TDS President’s Speech

Opportunity are abundance in Malaysia. But, students from poor background have less chances to show their talents what more to achieve something big. All children have the same right. These rights are listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Truly substantive change at the highest levels of government begin not in Downing Street and the White House, Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Kremlin. It begins at more fundamental level; through systemic changes in the way of choosing students by family background and affluence.

Rich students, the parents will send them to tuition class or other classes to upgrade their talents but how about the poor. Only when the students feel equally able and qualified to aspire to their nation harness the full potential of all its people. So, through  Talent Developing Society ,we find the potential and give them chances to show their capability. This concept is our main motto.

These underprivileged students will have confidence that they too can dream and achieve big in their life. They will be thought to be balance in their academic and co curricular activities.