Participant’s Testimonials

Sri Ahrivesh

A privilege to be involved in Talent Developing Society. The volunteers helped to develop my talents in multiple sectors. This organizations brings empowerment to the children and youth of Malaysia. Being in moderate family doesn’t stop me from dream big. With the given guidance and opportunity from this organization, I won many prestigious awards. Now, I earn a full scholarship to study in one of the world best college, UWC Robert Bosch, Germany.

Name : Sri Ahrivesh

Email id : sriahrivesh111@yahoo.com

Sri Ahrivesh
Rudresh Sivakumar

I like to explore a lot. My parents encourage me in my investigation. Through Talent Developing society , I successfully developed my project ” The Automatic watering Machine’ and won in Students Innovation Competition at National level. This winning has motivated me and I am still inventing new projects.

Name: Rudresh Sivakumar school: SJKT Kulai Besar, Johor.

Email id: rudresh0501@yahoo.com

Rudresh Sivakumar
Heemavarthani d/o Shanmugam

My name is Heemavarthani d/o Shanmugam, 14 years old from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Badlishah Kulim, Kedah. I am  involved in Talent Developing Society activities such as trainings, workshop, project development and others since I was in standard 5. Although I am from a broken family with separated parents and staying with very old grandparents, I scored 7as in my UPSR. My first winning in The Star-Nie short story writing competition when I was in standard 5, has motivated me that poor background does not stop anyone from being success in life.

Winning in prestigious competition such as ITEX Malaysia and Asia Pacific ICT Awards, have made tremendous confident in my life. By being excellent in academic and extra co curricular activities will help me to be a student of scholarship. I also learned to manage my time between studies and other activities and I am glad that I am spending my time for good.

My first time wearing a coat suit, it makes me feel so good. First taste of Starbucks, first time stay at a hotel and exploring great innovations at ITEX Malaysia. Thanks to TALENT DEVELOPING SOCIETY!

Heemavarthani d/o Shanmugam
Rashwin Sooriya Kumar

So many of our dreams at first seems impossible, than they seems improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. Six years ago, I started to get involved in Talent Developing society. I learned how to be creative and innovative. After a few years , from there I realized how important to be extra talented and be outstanding in academic and co curricular. I am a former student from Bukit Mertajam High school, Penang. I won Silver Award Citrawarna Inovasi at University Technology Petronas, Tronoh for my project WiFi Wonders. The skills I learned at Talent Developing society still useful for me as I am studying at Polytechnic Premier Ungku Umar. I believe, I can can dream big and achieve big.

Name : Rashwin Sooriya Kumar
Email : rashwinhsbm15@gmail.com

Rashwin Sooriya Kumar

Acknowledgement to TDS President Mdm Jaya Devi for 10 years outstanding volunteer contribution towards achievement of Malaysian students by Prime Minister Department

Support Letter From Ministry For Global Change Leader Programme

Recognition from Prime Minister Department

Support Letter From Rumah Kanak-Kanak Sultan Abdul Aziz

Testimonial From Dato’ Dr S. Underwood

Invitation To Hon. President of India Award