Why Plastic ?

Love it or hate, there’s no denying that plastic is unique!  Plastic is made from petroleum and natural gas.   These are the result of a process that takes hundreds of millions of years to transform ancient forests and algae into petroleum under the earth.  Crude oil and natural gas are extracted from the earth, refined, and turned into fuels.  The petrochemical byproducts of this process are then used to make plastics.  Plastic itself is the result of a century of focused human innovation to create such miraculous things as photographic film, water-fast containers and all sorts of devices that enable our modern life.

For the last decades, the unique properties of plastic have been used more and more by large corporations to further their global business.  Plastic has served the global corporations to make cheap products they can ship around the world.  Meanwhile local communities and biospheres have had to pay the full price of the resulting plastic left to go to waste.

With ecobricks we have a chance to turn this all around.  Ecobricks enable us to put plastic (and all its good properties) to the benefit of local communities and ecosystems.  With ecobricks, we use the characteristics of plastic that were once so problematic – longevity, durability and water fastness, and instead put it to practical and green use.


Eco brick product development – TAKING TRASH TO TREASURE

Plastic is an amazing material with incredible properties — it is a shame for it go to waste!  When plastic does go to “waste’; it contaminates the ecosystems that sustain us and our fellow species.  Ecobricks embody regenerative principles that point us all in a healthy direction towards plastic and petroleum transition.  And that’s just the beginning…

Ecobricks are pretty simple, but there are a lot of big ideas behind them!  Basically ecobricks enable folks, like you and I, to put the potentially problematic properties of plastic to good use.  Even better than that, the manual, hands-on, and fundamentally local process of ecobricking gets us thinking.  The awareness that grows puts us on a road towards to consuming and using plastic wisely.  In fact, ecobricking points us towards transcending plastic all together and getting back to ways of living that are in deep harmony with the cycles of life.  With ecobricks as building blocks we can then literally start building our more beautiful communities.

Ecobricks to make affordable modular furniture, garden structures and buildings.

Making an Ecobrick

What you’ll need

  • Used soft plastic – plastic bags, food packaging, straws, cellophane
  • Plastic bottle – at least 500ml
  • Long stick – to press the plastics down


  1. Prepare your ingredients
    Choose same-sized bottles if you’re making more than one Ecobrick. Make sure the bottle and soft plastics are dry. Cut large plastic into smaller pieces for easier stuffing.
  2. Start with the bottom
    Stuff same coloured plastic first as your bottom layer, then build each layer as you go.
  3. Mix it up as you stuff
    Alternate between soft and harder plastic pieces. This maximises density and improves the strength of your Ecobrick. Use a long stick to compress layers of plastic until the bottle is full.
  4. It’s that simple!
    Once the Ecobrick is packed tightly and to the brim, store it in a dry and dim area away from sunlight for later use or donate to organisations that support the initiative.