The Eco Brick Shelter For Cats



Talent Developing Society has conducted ‘Environment Awareness’ program  to create awareness to the young about their planet. This program has made the young to realize that the we need to do something to prevent  the planet from  pollution. Its now, or never.  TDS Chairperson said: “As I’ve seen time and again, when young people are given opportunities and support, they can  be powerful catalysts for change. It is our hope that TDS  will inspire thousands of young people around the Malaysia to develop innovative ways to tackle the environmental issues that matter to them.”

Sustainable thinking and acting is critical in preserving our planet and improving the safety and quality of millions of people. TDS environment program seeks to contribute to this goal with products and  technologies that benefit society and  reduce the impact on the environment. This is the basis of our vision ‘To make the world a brighter place’ – and TDS invites the enthusiastic participation of all who care for our future.”

Plastic Planet

What really happens to the plastic you throw away


To our surprise, these young mind can bring big solution which can change the world.


A group of children age between 13 to 15 from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kulim lead by Mishaartiny Moorthy came out with an idea to build shelter for stray cats using plastic bottles as wall and melted plastics made into boards as roofs.  This idea strikes their mind as they were aware of the difficulties faced by cats in their area.

Dogs and cats are the most common domestic animals, and  in particular, Malaysians are fond of cats. There is a stray cat problem in Malaysia and some poison them as they are nuisance and  prevent the spread of any disease. Cats roam the neighborhood, defecate in neighbor’s garden and vegetable patches, and even deliver kittens in neighborhood.

Humane Mission

These young kids thinks that the stray cats’ lives are too matter to everyone. They have the rights to live comfortably. To have enough food, shelter from rain and sun, to have family and comfort. So they came out with the idea to build  shelters around their home and  neighborhood with recycle bottles and plastic bags.

They started the mission by collecting thrown mineral bottles and plastic bags near the garbage dump, recycling locations, river site, digging trash and other places.

The Process

These invaluable collections were cleaned and dried up. Then they started to build the base  to support the mineral bottles as wall. The dried plastic bags were cut into pieces and put in the oven at 350 degree Celsius. When it soften they make into boards.  These boards were fixed as roof.The wall will be 16 Ecobrick which are plastic bottles stuffed with waste plastic bags and colored water using soaked butterfly pea flower and red hibiscus which help to maintain cool surrounding, better strength and will be attractive at the housing area. An Ecobrick needs to be stuffed with 40 plastic bags and an Ecobrick roof needs nearly 599 plastic bags to be soften to make as a board.

Step 2: Washing and drying the plastic bags and plastic bottles

Step 3: Creating Ecobrick by stuffing plastic bags into plastic bottles for better strength

Step 4 : Cutting plastic to pieces before roof moulding

Step 5: Moulding plastics as board

Successfully Implemented

The Solution To Cats

  1. Shelter during rainy season
  2. To stay cool during heat
  3. To deliver kittens
  4. Specific place to feed with waste food by neighbors
  5. Not nuisance to neighbors
  6. Comfort

Wasted Food For Feeding Stray Cats

Malaysians waste 15,000 tonnes of food daily – The Star Online

Malaysians waste 15,000 tonnes of food daily including 3,000 tonnes that is still fit for consumption and should not be discarded.


Environmental Solution

Each year, at least 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans as a result of our consumption. Marine species and  ecosystems are seriously affected, coastal economies are damaged and  the impact on human health could be dramatic.

– Stop using plastics bags
– Stop using plastic mineral bottles
– Reuse the plastic which already dumped for better purposes
– Recycle into shelter which is desperately needed by cats
– Do not produce plastics!

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